China Chain Sprocket for Conveyor System sprocket auto

Product Description

We can supply chain sprocket for conveyor as per customer’s demand.;
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We manufacture various industry sprockets and have strong processing capacity to ensure good quality and competitive price.;
1.; American Standard,; European Standard,; Japanese Standards
2.; Pilot bore,; finished bore,; taper bore and special bore available
3.; Bright surface and high precision
4.; Advanced heat treatment and surface treatment crafts
5.; Better quality and competitive price.;
6.; Material C45(1045);,; low carbon steel,; 40Cr,; 20CrMnTi,; stainless steel such as SS316L,; SS316,; SS304,; SS420,; copper etc.; Available
7.; Standard sea worthy package to Europe and America
8.; High speed digital gear hobbing machine to guarantee the teeth quality
9.; Corrosion resistance treatment available
10.; Control on tolerance and easy to install
11.; Good material and good treatment to make sure long lifespan
12.; OEM/ODM welcome

Material C45,; Low Carbon steel,; SS304,; 40Cr,; 42CRMo,; 20CrMnTi,; nylon etc material as per your request
process Machined,; Forged or casting
Heat treatment High frequency quenching,; heat treatment,; hardened teeth
Surface treatment Blacking,; galvanization,; chroming,; electrophoresis,; color painting,; or customer requirement
Performance High precision,; high wear resistance,; low noise,; smooth and steady,; high strength
Model number Standard or nonstandard (single duplex and triple); 25A,; 35A,; 40A,; 50A,; 60A,; 80A,; 100A,; 120A,; 140A,; 160A,; 25B,; 35B,; 40B,; 41B,;50B,; 60B,; 80B,; 100B,; 120B,; 140B,; 160B,;180B,;200B,;240B
Payment,; minimum order and delivery T/T ,;LC,; Delivery time is Negotiation
Packaging Inner plastic bag and outer carton box or customer requirement.;

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Application: Industry
Hardness: Hardened
Manufacturing Method: Cut Gear


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